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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agonomy., Vol. LVI
Written by Alberto-Romeo LOMBARDI, Lenuţa Iuliana EPURE, Gheorghe Valentin ROMAN

Grain legumes are agricultural crops of food, fodder, and agronomic importance. However, they are demanding to growing conditions and sensitive to stress factors, which limit their expansion. Among legumes, soybean had a spectacular development in recent decades, reaching 100 million ha worldwide, as a source of protein and fat of outstanding value. In Romania, soybean was grown on about 500 thou ha in the years 1987-1989, and crop declined to 40-60 thou ha, with a short turnaround (in 2001-2006) when it was officially permitted to grow genetically modified soybean varieties. In Tulcea County, soybean growing has tradition and a trend similar to that reported at the country level. The evaluation marks for soybean of agricultural land in Tulcea County is 41, because of low rainfall, but can be greatly enhanced by irrigation. In the years when genetically modified soybean growing was permitted, soybean sown areas have doubled and number of soybean growing farms increased from 12-13 to 43 holdings. Assortment of soybean genotypes included Romanian varieties (Danubiana, Columna, Triumf, etc.), varieties of world collection (Condor, Avila, etc.) and genetically modified varieties (S2254RR, SP9191RR). Soybean yields achieved by farms in Tulcea County are on average 1,500-2,500 kg/ha, but in irrigated holdings, yields consistently exceeded 4,000 kg/ha, which illustrates the profitableness of this crop. It is to emphasize some traditions soybean growing farms fro Tulcea County: SC Acvila Macin, SRL, SC Lombardi Agro SRL, SC Adam Agrorent SRL, SC Soia Agro SRL.

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