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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LXIII, Issue 2
Written by Tanko KOLEV, Mitka TODOROVA, Zhivko TODOROV

During the period 2014-2017, a field experiment was conducted at the Experimental and Implementation Base of the Department of Crop Production at the Agricultural University of Plovdiv, in which the effect of two organo-mineral products was studied: Megafol (3000 mL/ha) and Megafol protein (3000 mL/ha) on the yield capacity of Elbrus durum wheat. There was also untreated control. The fertilizers were applied in the phases of tillering, shooting-up and ear formation. The experiment was made after the precursor chickpea by the method of fractional plots in four repetitions with a size of 10 m2 of a harvest plot. As a result of the experience, the following was proved: The organo-mineral fertilizer products tested had a positive effect on the yield capacity of Elbrus durum wheat. The highest grain yield of durum wheat of Elbrus variety was obtained in the variant processed in the phase of tillering with the organo-mineral product Megafol (3000 mL/ha), where the yield capacity increased averagely for the experimental period with 479 kg/ha (13.8%) more than unprocessed control. The new organo-mineral products helped to increase the values of the structural elements of the crop such as: number of spikelets, number of grains and mass of grains per plant.

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