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Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LXIII, Issue 2
Written by Ancuţa BĂRBIERU

Breeding winter cultivars requires the combination of freezing tolerance as well as high seed productivity and quality.Winter peas have some advantages over spring peas like: better establishment and more efficient use of humidity during the winter season, which makes it less vulnerable to drought over the spring, frequently in Romania in the last years; earlier harvest; has a longer vegetation period and get higher productivity and more stable yield than spring peas type. In this paper we present data obtained from the first F4 and F5 lines of winter peas obtained in the NARDI-Fundulea program with the germplasm of winter peas from USA, France and Austria. A number of 170 lines, selected from winter/winter and winter/spring crosses pea genotypes, have been tested in 2019 in the field of NARDI Fundulea.The conclusion of this preliminary study is that will be possible to realize the genetic progress in breeding in winter peas, to select the new varieties with good enough winter hardiness and being with high yield, different earliness or plant height.

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