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The response of some sunflower hybrids in low water supply conditions in the central Dobrogea Plateau

Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LV-2012
Written by Gabriela-Mariana STOICA, Ionel JINGA, Ion STERE, Ioana STERE, Vasile STOICA, Viorel DINCĂ, Vasilică-Irinel HOARCĂ

Aim of the study: The response of some sunflower hybrids in low water-supply conditions. The central part of Dobrogea is chiefly characterized by a warm and droughty climate, with the medium annual temperature of 11ºC and medium annual rainfall of 432.2 mm, which are irregularly distributed during the whole year and therefore for the sunflower crop there isn’t ensured a comfortable humidity regime for a normal development of plants. A decreased sunflower yield is drastic if there is an intervening of the hidric shortage. Taking into consideration the importance of the usage of some drought and torridity resistant genotypes, the work aims to find the most adequate germoplasm for obtaining some profitable crops in low water-supply conditions in the central Dobrogea Plateau. The method used: The sunflower trial was located at S.C.D.A Valu lui Traian, Constanta County in 2011; bifactorial type it was used the randomized blocks method, with the following factors and graduations: A Factor: Water-supply level (A1 unirrigated; A2 – irrigated with pedological norm of 700 m3/ha; A3-irrigated with 50% reduced pedological norm = 350 m3/ha; B Factor: The hybrid (FAVORIT, SINGI, DELFI, PR64A89, TEKNY, KONDI). Results: 2011 proved to be a favourable one for the sunflower crop. The obtained yield while using the sunflower hybrids was influenced by the water-supply level, the average being 42.0 q /ha in unirrigated conditions, 50.4 q/ha taking into account the pedological norm of 700 m3/ha and 45.7 q /ha, with 50% reduced the pedological norm. Conclusions: The classification of hybrids after the obtained yield in different water-supply conditions is: Singi, Kondi, Tekny, Favorit, Delfi and PR 64A89. The average seed-weight per head, 1000 –seed weight and the hectolitric mass varied in terms of the hybrid and the water-supply level.

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