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Research on behavior of the triticale genotypes in the sandy soils conditions -

Published in Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy, Vol. LV-2012
Written by Iulian DRĂGHICI

Extension of arid accents visible deserts, determine the orientation in exploitation of sandy soils to new plant species, that by results obtained to diminish the negative effects of climate change. Due to low natural fertility and climatic conditions characterized by excessive heat and insufficient rainfall, the sandy soils can be characterized as an agricultural area with handicap, farmers provide with a limited range of crops to ensure land use in terms of profitability. In this context, triticale was studied in sandy soil conditions from Dabuleni, a cereal created by hybridization between Triticum and Secale genus, plants that use more than poor soils, drought and heat. The results obtained during 2009-2011 at 12 triticale genotypes, experienced in a competition test fields, highlight productions between 3771-4604 kg/ha. There were observed by high production and good resistance to frost, disease and pest the following varieties: Negoiu, Matroz, Plai, Stil.

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{tag}meta name="citation_title" content="Research  on behavior  of the  triticale  genotypes  in the  sandy  soils conditions  -"{/tag} {tag}meta name="citation_journal_title" content="Scientific Papers. Series A. Agronomy"{/tag} {tag}meta name="citation_publication_date" content="2012"{/tag} {tag}meta name="citation_author" content="Iulian DRĂGHICI " {/tag} 

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